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Factory & Showroom

AC Air Cooling Co., Inc.
dba Air Wave Air Conditioning
1637 Stillwell Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Pelham Pkwy East & Rhinelander Ave.


Sales Office

(212) 545-1122
(718) 933-1011

Health-Care Provider Services

AIR-WAVE has established a number of preferred relationships with providers of health-care organizations serving individuals with specific needs for durable medical equipment, such as air conditioners and PTAC units.

The patients include people with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses that wish to live independently, under at-home care or in community-based programs, instead of in a nursing home or hospital. Veterans, people suffering from allergies or asthma, the elderly, others with long-term health-care needs are among the individuals Air-Wave serves through managed-care providers, including insurance companies.

Our company has arrangements with such entities as the Department of Veteran Affairs of NYC, the Independence Care Systems, and other organizations serving these constituencies.

To explore possible business associations, please contact Mark at (718) 933-1414.

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